HABITAT Games. Serious Play for Sustainable Development
Andres Tarte

Andrés Tarté 

Founder and Lead Game Designer

Industrial Engineer with a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering and a Postgraduate Degree in Sustainability (Fulbright Scholar).

Works as an independent consultant specializing in the comprehensive management of scientific-technical communications for NGOs, international organizations, consulting firms and government agencies.


Raúl Chang Rivas

Project Coordinator

Electronic Engineer with a Master's Degree in Management Engineering and a Master's Degree in eCommerce (Fulbright Scholar), with studies and professional certifications in project management, enterprise architecture and digital product management. 

Works as Principal of Corredor Creativo, a social enterprise that helps organizations and other enterprises in transformation and sustainable development initiatives.



Graphic/Visual Design

With over 20 years experience in digital design and animation, Luis provides pure excellence in terms of Graphic Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Audio and Video Editing, Composition and Post-production, modeling and visualization 3D, and infographic design.