Game Boxes, Workshop and Licensing


ECOPOLIS and 2030 Goals & Targets have been released in Spanish and are available for retail here

English versions of both games are available now as high-quality prototypes (while we get our first print-run underway). Each one includes an Academic License for non-commercial use.

Additionally, we offer licenses for commercial use (for professional facilitators and consulting firms).

All licensees receive full access to our digital tools for facilitators (teacher’s handbook, visual aids, pre and post assessment tests, glossary) and varying amounts of: game units, access to special facilitator workshops, discounts on additional game units, and online support.

Why game-based learning for Sustainability?

The vast majority of environmental education tools available in the market are one-directional and passive. This poses challenges precisely in what they are trying to achieve: capture their target audiences’ interest and raise awareness.


HABITAT Games offers an alternative to this. 


Our games and workshops foster a vision where human development is based on a more conscientious relationship with the natural resources that sustain us. A typical workshop:


  • Offers an introduction to key concepts in Sustainable Development (Ecological Footprint, Human Development, Climate Change, Biocapacity, GDP, SDGs, etc.), and allows participants to view their countries within the global development context.

  • Has participants form groups to interact and work together.

  • Encourages questions and critical thinking, explores data sources, and channels meaningful discussions around development policies. 

And yes, they are available remotely.